Expert (1 to 1) Guidance





One to one training provides the highest level of instruction and skill development for individuals who may have limited time, but high impact results are required. 
Using our ‘Three-Dimensional Communication system’ we’ll show you how to communicate in an engaging, confident and charismatic way this, combined with persuasion techniques can then be applied to various scenario’s by adapting your presentation technique to suit a live audience, cameras or a one to one engagement. 
Ideal for upper Management, Executives and High-Profile Individuals, training can be arranged at Pinewood Studios or a venue of your choice. 



This is a fully bespoke service designed and delivered for each individual client.

Common areas for one to one training are:

Live TV Interviews
Down the Line Interviews
TV Appearance and Crisis control
Internal communications
Marketing events and videos
Panel discussions
Seminar talks
Live event speakers
Video CV’s



Our full Media support programme guides the individuals, who have been given the task of representing the company, from start to finish. Our experience industry professional will be on hand throughout the entire process to ensure the best possible out-come. This service includes the one-day training programme plus we prioritise our availability for each candidate as and when situations arise to assist with full pre-broadcast preparation including agendas, key messages and negative scenario strategies, plus on-site support before, during and after the broadcast appearance.

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